Forgettable Items to Pack in Your ‘Open First’ Box

When you move home, you’re bound to realise that you need to put clothes, bedding and food into your ‘open first’ box of essentials. But what about the other items that are easier to forget? You won’t miss the small comforts that you are used to seeing around your house until you can’t get your hands on them when you need them most. Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking about which of those less obvious items you should be packing.



If you’re on a regular medication then the chances are you’ll remember it, but it’s worth double and triple checking that you have it with you – you can live without most things, but this is a must. You may also consider packing ibuprofen, paracetamol or a forehead cooling stick in case the stress and exhaustion bought on by the move brings on a headache/you get muscle aches from lifting or sitting in the car for a long journey.

Toilet Roll

Toilet Roll, Towels, Soap

Your new digs will probably be an empty shell when you get there. After a long journey and a long day, you’ll be pretty angry if you have to root through a box mountain to find any of these items in order to freshen up, especially if you have children with you. Also, unless your new place has a cubicle, you may need to take a shower curtain with you.

Pet Food

While feeding yourselves is essential, don’t forget to pack for your pets too. 


Your television, computer and books may still be in boxes by the time you settle down for your first evening in your new home. With this in mind, you might want to think about keeping something handy for you to do. This is especially important if you have children as you’ll want as quiet a night as possible after the stresses of the day! Board games don’t need any setting up, or you can make sure you’ve got a film or two on your laptop.

Bin Liners

Though you may not need these right away you’ll want to dispose of all the wrappings as soon as you start unpacking, so it’s handy to keep some in an accessible place. They can also be useful for organising, or opening out and laying down to protect flooring or table surfaces.

iPhone charger


For your phones, laptops or tablets. You’ll be very irritated if your equipment is low on charge and you’ve no idea where to start looking for your chargers.

You’ll want to keep your ‘open first’ box with you while the move happens, but for everything else it’s handy to get some experts on board. If you’re looking for an experienced Chippenham removals company, contact Intransit today on 01225 759200.