Single Item Deliveries & Collections

Moving single items

Nearly daily, we take calls from people that simply want one or two items collected or delivered, people being unsure whether we will complete a task which is not seen as a ‘removal’.

Well, as ever a few things need to be thought of which we will ask also. We will collect and deliver anything, mainly furniture of course as that is what we are geared up to complete, things to think of prior to enquiry however are;

  • As generally we fit these smaller jobs in and around other jobs we are booked to complete, are you flexible to dates and times, or do you need it tomorrow?
  • Access – is it simply a sofa left in the garage being dropped to another property with easy access – or is it going from a home where the closest we can get a van is the end of a footpath, and being delivered to a 5th floor flat with no lift available, even if the item fits in the lift!! All aspects we need to consider.
  • Also – cost – it is not going to cost the same as moving a box, if a piece of furniture it will in the main take 2x staff at least, a vehicle able to cope, as well as the time, so the cost will be relative – and will never be as cheap as doing it yourself.

We have, for many years, been asked to move pianos – so yes, we move many, again all the above aspects come into it, mainly access, also, what type of piano is it, we have all the correct moving equipment needed including the piano trolleys, and fitted quilted covers to protect the pianos as much as possible. Also, ideally any piano once moved will require to be tuned again once in its new home, not essential, but always advised.

We will always help if we can, so first enquire, and go from there!

Any further questions, please do email us on or call us on 01225 759200.